Children's librarian, Faye Lieberman and one of the boys who frequents her library

Ask the Librarian: I Miss the Kids!

We started working with public libraries in 2019 to raise awareness of reading issues like dyslexia and educate librarians about resources that help all children learn to read. Who would’ve envisioned that within a year a pandemic would hit, and public libraries would close. Franklin Square Children’s Librarian, Faye Lieberman, tells us what it’s like to be a librarian working remotely through COVID-19 and what

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Teach My Kid to Read members and librarian Faye Lieberman, holding a stuffed bear

Hey Teacher! Let the Kids Read What They Want

What does a librarian say when parents of struggling readers say their children won’t read anything? What’s it like to hear parents tell their children they can only read books at certain levels? Why do all the young adult books seem to include themes that are so difficult for our tweens and teens to grapple with? Struggling readers in this age range are often facing

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Save a Life: Teach a Kid to Read

Have you ever watched young children in a library or bookstore? They run around in excitement and pull dozens of books off the shelves. I’ve seen it many times and I’ve pulled a few books off shelves myself. Children are born with an innate capacity for joy, a natural curiosity, and a desire to learn. Young children love Story Time or having a parent or

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The Dr. Seuss Syndrome: The Joy and Pain of Books

I wish I knew back then what I know now about books and evidence-based approaches to reading instruction and intervention. Teach My Kid to Read has been calling on libraries throughout New York State to spread awareness of dyslexia so that librarians and parents can help more kids with dyslexia and without, learn to read. Our strategy for the pilot year is to set up

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Does OG Stand for Orton-Gillingham or The Original Riot Girls?

Not everyone knows that OG stands for Orton-Gillingham. Not everyone knows that OG stands for the original riot girls. I only learned the latter this weekend when I read an article about Feminism and Punk in The New York Times. We take it that everyone knows that OG stands for Orton-Gillingham, but perhaps there are a few people out there who think of feminism and

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The Road to Decode


Join libraries all over the country to create awareness of reading issues like dyslexia & help more children learn to read