Author: Marion Waldman

image of readwood trees

The Overstory of Literacy

The Overstory is a best-selling novel by Richard Powers. It tells the stories of a few enormous formidable trees and how their existence affects the trees’ people. I never heard of an overstory before reading

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Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Listen to an interview with a parent of a child that went from a struggling/striving reader to a child reading above grade average. What happened? Systematic, explicit reading instruction. It works. Here are the stories!

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Capital Region Literacy Panel

Why are so many children struggling to read? Why is it so hard to find teachers or tutors to help when our children in upper grades are not reading at the same level as their

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Literacy For All!

Literacy is not political or partisan. The right to literacy is as fundamental as the right to a free and appropriate public education, and both are deeply intertwined. Lately, it seems, everything is political, and

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Children's librarian, Faye Lieberman and one of the boys who frequents her library

Ask the Librarian: I Miss the Kids!

We started working with public libraries in 2019 to raise awareness of reading issues like dyslexia and educate librarians about resources that help all children learn to read. Who would’ve envisioned that within a year

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