The Road to Decode is the first of our community programs that creates awareness of dyslexia and the science of reading and educates the community about resources that help all children learn to read through an innovative programming model. 

The Road to Decode features decodable or “sound-out” books that enable children to practice their phonics skills. The Road to Decode program educates librarians about how the books fit within the process of learning to read. To make it as easy as possible to order the books, Teach My Kid to Read works closely with the publishers to obtain samples and incentives that accommodate various budgets.

The Road to Decode is the first of our programs, but it is far from our last! There are early childcare workers, pediatricians, pre-service teachers, and many other stakeholders who can improve the literacy rates of more of our children through awareness and education about the science of reading and resources that help all kids learn to read. Our work has only just begun.

To support our programming, Teach My Kid to Read writes and creates blog posts, videos, and graphics that enable anyone interested in literacy education to further their understanding of various topics. We welcome guest bloggers and encourage unique or fresh perspectives.

Topics currently include:

  • Our Stories-We are Here
  • Interviews and Perspectives
  • The Educational System and Learning Differences
  • Adoption & Learning Differences
  • Social-Emotional Learning & Learning Differences
  • Educational Technology & Learning Differences