Why Support Us?

We are determined to make a difference by demonstrating that community awareness can influence educational policy. Based on the initial reaction of The Road to Decode, we know that we can!  The Road to Decode is a small but essential step, and we know that we can accomplish so much more. For this reason, we are asking your support to help grow our organizational capacity and support our current and future programming by making a contribution to Teach My Kid to Read.

Teach My Kid to Read is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that depends on donations from people who support our work and mission. Please donate whatever you can. It’s tax deductible.

More Ways to Help

Buy a tee-shirt to support The Road to Decode!

Due to demand for the program throughout New York and other states, we are asking for your help so we can support more libraries throughout New York, and the other states. Help us create awareness of dyslexia & education about resources that help all kids learn to read!

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