Our Vision

It is 2050, and we are looking back on how we used to teach reading. The Reading Wars are history, and everyone understands and knows how to help all kids learn to read. The kids that struggle the most are identified in pre-K and provided with interventions that enable them to get on the most effective path as quickly as possible. AI and other unimaginable, but research-based solutions become woven into education.  Teachers become even more important leaders as they navigate their students through lessons taught in ways uniquely tailored to help all and each student succeed.

We don’t have to wait until 2050 to help more kids learn to read. The solutions are easy:

  • Support policies that include universal screening for dyslexia and teacher training.
  • Train all educators about dyslexia and the foundations of literacy.
  • Train students in higher education studying to be teachers and early childhood professionals before they graduate.
  • Empower parents with the right information to help all kids learn to read.

Dyslexia affects about 15-20 percent of the population and represents about 80 percent of all learning disabilities. Help us help more of our kids learn to read. Read our stories, follow us on social media, and support our efforts. Teach My Kid to Read is on a mission and our name says is all. Teach My Kid to Read.

Teach My Kid to Read is a tax-exempt non-profit organization with a mission to support and empower students, teachers, and parents through education so all kids, including those with dyslexia, learn to read.