Community Literacy Solutions

We are committed to creating awareness and providing education about how we learn to read and where the different resources fit, so librarians, parents and guardians are empowered to help more kids learn to read and discover the joy of reading.

Learning to Read at Your Library

As part of our library programming, The Road to Decode, we promote decodable books and resources that help all children learn to read. Learn more about why we’re passionate about decodable books, and working with libraries to instill a love of reading in all children.


Learning to Read at Home

More than ever, parents and caregivers need ways to help young children with their literacy skills, even before they start school. Learn how you can help a child develop good reading skills at home.

Bridging the gap between the schools and community.

Two-thirds of fourth-graders are not reading proficiently. Children need access to books and help learning to decode. Teach My Kid to Read (TMKTR) is the first nonprofit to help with access and support of decodable (sound aloud) books and resources that help all children learn to read.