Teach My Kid to Read Media Program

To support and augment our educational initiatives, Teach My Kid to Read publishes content in several categories that provide a broad perspective on the landscape of learning differences. Our blog content provides a human element to the many issues that families and kids with learning differences face.

Content is organized into the following categories:

Our Stories-We are Here

A collection of personal stories that describe the challenges that families with children with reading differences face.

Interviews and Perspectives

Point-of-view editorials and articles on a wide range of topics relevant to reading and learning differences. Interviews with experts and people doing interesting work in the reading, dyslexia and learning difference space.

The Educational System and Learning Differences

Articles and stories about upstream to downstream issues relevant to the educational system and reading differences. The focus is on creating awareness of the challenges that families with children who have learning differences face as well as offering solutions.

Adoption & Learning Differences

This is a special interest component of Teach My Kid to Read. With all of the research and work being done in dyslexia, how does it relate to kids who are adopted? Are there differences based on language? Based on stress? What about trauma? With the help of experts, we will be exploring a number of issues with the hope of understanding what, if any, differences should be considered within this population.

Social-Emotional Learning & Learning Differences

Social-emotional learning has become a buzzword as well as a mandated part of education. While the definitions of social-emotional learning are debated, the essence is that it involves creating a growth-mindset and building resilience. It is well-documented that kids with reading differences have high rates of anxiety, low self-esteem and other conditions that effect their overall well-being. We will be looking at small things we can do right now that can help build confidence and provide coping skills into adolescence and beyond.

Educational Technology & Learning Differences

While offering some very practical discussions about educational and assistive technology, this section will also look at some of the less talked about issues with assistive technology. For example, when technology becomes a stigma, using technology too soon and other issues that parents of kids with reading and learning differences face.