TMKTR is the only nonprofit working hand-in-glove with library systems to help them offer collections of decodable books and literacy resources. TMKTR provides education about how we learn to read and where the resources fit so librarians can better serve their communities.  TMKTR believes that libraries are essential to community literacy solutions because they have a built-in system for equity. TMKTR provides additional programming to help with community outreach and literacy support using a train-the-trainer model.

Program Rationale

The International Dyslexia Association projects that twenty percent of the population has a reading issue like dyslexia. Thirty-two million Americans are considered illiterate. Two-thirds of fourth-graders do not read proficiently, and for children with reading issues like dyslexia, the percentage of children that reach proficiency is much lower. Literacy affects everything, and the outcomes of illiteracy are dire. Librarians are literacy first-responders and are natural partners to recommend resources that help all kids learn to read. Librarians can change trajectories by empowering parents and caregivers with literacy solutions.

Programming Value

Teach My Kid to Read offers a scaffolding approach to programming based on three general areas:

  1. Community Awareness and Education-Educating librarians about the process of how we learn to read, helping with access to decodable books, and help setting up collections of decodable books and literacy resources.
  2. Community Outreach Programming-Educating the community about fundamental literacy skills and resources that help all children learn to read.
  3. Community Literacy Support-Training library contacts or volunteers to initiate literacy programming with recommended resources. (The Roadmap to Reading)

Access to decodable books is often a challenge. TMKTR helps alleviate the barrier to accessing decodable books through relationships with individual publishers. TMKTR has a free membership portal for librarians to access program materials, including free E-books as an alternative for librarians and parents who want to try out the decodable books recommended in TMKTR programming.