Our Story

by Marion Waldman, Founder & Executive Editor

In the spring of 2017 I was sitting in the waiting room of Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital while my daughter had her speech assessments. A few weeks earlier I had made the decision to take a break from my career in educational publishing. For the past decade, I had been a partner in a small business that provided courseware and editorial services to the education market. I had weathered the transition from print to digital and was contemplating where we fit as the industry itself transformed into educational technology. I felt like I needed to take some time to consider what I wanted to do, or if I even wanted to stay in the industry. I did know that if I wanted to be relevant and to also keep my antiquated MBA current, I needed some new skills. As a start, I enrolled in a blog/social media course.

Sitting in the waiting room, I turned on my computer and spread out my work as I had done so many times before. Over the past several years, I had spent countless hours doing work wherever I could find a spot while my daughter received her reading services. This time my work was homework for the social media course and I was supposed to write a blog post. I decided that I would create my dream job and perhaps start a blog about running and beer, two of my favorite things. Sitting there though, I felt overwhelmed with frustration, sadness, helplessness, but also determination. I had no interest writing about running or beer. I felt compelled to write about our story and reading differences, and I submitted the post to my instructor and told her this is my accidental blog, which I initially called The Accidental Advocate.

Once I started writing and thinking about our experience and other people’s experiences in the world of disabilities, reading differences, etc. I found that I had more and more ideas and lots of things to say. I also learned that words are not enough. If more of our kids are going to learn to read proficiently we need widespread and innovative solutions that enable more people to have the knowledge to help.

Teach My Kid to Read has since evolved into an organization that provides parents, educators, and anyone interested in literacy education with the tools to help all children learn to read. Above all, we have evolved into an organization that creates awareness and takes action through innovative and strategic programming.

Teach My Kid to Read is a labor of love and as such, our work has no bounds.

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