Decodable Book Publishers

Partial List of Decodable Book Publishers—many of the decodables are part of reading programs.

If you have information you want to share about a particular series or publisher, feel free to email us at

95% Group Decodable Passages -Parents or teachers can work with older kid requiring intervention through the passages that are organized into a few different skill levels, and include questions that promote comprehension.

All About Reading-We have never used this curriculum and series, but we have heard great things about the program, it is very popular with the home school community, and it is worth checking out if your child is struggling to read, and not getting the help they need in the schools.

Auburn University Free Decodable Books

Ed & Mel’s Decodable Book Adventures Based on The Barton Reading Program-The Black Silk Path of the Ed and Mel Decodable Adventures book series is written for Dyslexic students and other beginning readers who may be a little older than the typical beginning reading student. It provides a shared reading experience for students. Each chapter contains a parent or tutor read passage, a decodable student passage, and a game to play.

Bob Books – Very Popular series for emergent and early readers. Loads of activities to help build early reading skills included on the inside cover and website. Libraries that are new to decodable books often start by ordering all of the Bob Books series.

Collins Big Cat Phonics Resources

Decodable Readers Australia-We have never reviewed these, but they are very popular in Australia.

Dog on a Log Books-Written by a parent of a child with dyslexia, these books are organized to follow an explicit and systematic phonics system, and children can read the stories based on where they are in their mastery of phonics skills. The website has a lot of helpful resources, and there is a book for parents filled with resources. We recommend Dog on a Log for phonological awareness. The parent book may be downloaded for free or ordered.

EPS Phonics Plus Readers

Fantastic Phonics

Flyleaf Emergent Readers-Flyleaf publishes beautifully illustrated books for early readers through more advanced readers. They have a well-defined scope and sequence that makes it easy to choose the right books for any reader. Flyleaf is another popular choice for libraries new to decodable books.

Go Phonics Readers

Go Phonics Decodable Storybooks

Half Pint Readers-Half Pint Readers include 36 books per set and books are around 7 pp. each. They gradually introduce new skills and provide continuous practice through controlled vocabulary. Each level is based on a different theme so there’s a story for all kids to enjoy.

High Noon Books-High Noon publishes a wide-range of books for struggling readers including decodable, and high low books.

Hooked on Phonics

I See, I Spell, I Learn Readers

Itchy’s Alphabet-Itchy’s is a sounds based program that teaches letter formation and recognition. When children start developing phonemic awareness, Itchy’s helps reinforce necessary skills.

Jolly Phonics-An entire range of phonics products using the synthetic phonics approach. Parent and teacher materials.

Junior Learning Decodable Readers

Laughing Ogre Press-A new series of decodables written by an OG tutor to teach vowel sounds.

Little Learners Love Literacy

The Logic of English-Part of a complete phonics curriculum. The decodable books are recommended by a teacher in our decodable book group. Here’s what she says: “The first set (Foundations B) of stories are silly and the pictures are engaging.  They inspire my students to write their own stories.  The authors are very talented at using the previously learned phonograms in words that create a story that flows and encourages readers to turn to the next page.”

Maggie’s Phonics Readers

Miss Rhonda’s Readers / (Montessori-inspired approach and books)

Orca Two Read BooksOrca Two Read Books is a new series of phonics stories for children ages 6–9 who are learning to read. They are designed for shared reading. A parent in our decodable book group said her eight-year-old son likes them. That’s always a good endorsement.

Phonic Books -Phonic Books are distributed in the U.S. through High Noon Books. See above. Phonic Books include series for younger readers (Dandelion Launchers and Dandelion Readers). For older children, they offer several different series based on skill level and interest. They offer workbooks that enable teachers, parents and caregivers to work with young children through older, struggling readers.

Primary Phonics Storybook Sets

Reading A-Z Decodable Phonics Lessons

S.P.I.R.E. Readers

Saddleback TERL Phonics Book Sets

Simple Word Books– Engaging chapter books for older children based on specific word knowledge. Workbooks and other supplements are available to help parents use the books to teach phonics and comprehension skills.

Sounds Write Initial Code Books and Printables


Superkids-Comprehensive reading program with decodable books.

Teen & Adult Phonics (TAP) Library

The I See Sam Readers –Beginning Reading Instruction/Advanced Reading Instruction-The books in these sets are systematic and cumulative. BRI/ARI is based on research funded by the United States government to develop the most effective sequence of sounds, words, practice, and pacing for teaching children to read. The instructional method was used in kindergarten classes across the United States, with a series of national studies demonstrating that the program successfully taught thousands of preschool children to read. Researchers also tested the program extensively to verify its effectiveness in teaching young children to read. The E-books are available for free on our website. An email signup is required. In the U.S. you can purchase print versions from Little Giant Steps.

Voyager Sopris Power Readers and Supercharged Readers -These are small, consumable books that include a teachers manual. The stories build on skills from simple to more advanced and recurring characters build continuity.

Whole Phonics-A new series for early readers created in sets that explicitly and systematically build phonics skills. The series has a crisp, inviting like making Whole Phonics a popular choice for libraries that want decodables that look like traditional books.

The Word Wasp Hornet Literacy Primer-A one-to-one teaching manual using a synthetic phonics approach. Introduces the structural framework of the English language.

YouKan Publishing-Hot off the press! The first book/series includes closed syllable words including common consonant sounds, short vowels, qu, and digraphs (sh, th, ck). The approach in this first book/series is to use fun, whimsical stories and illustrations to help early readers practice their first few phonics skills.

If you want to see more decodables, check out Spelfabet for a comprehensive listing and The Reading League.