The Road to Decode

History of the The Road to Decode

Faith Borkowsky, a Teach My Kid to Read director, emailed a library and asked them to rename their “Dyslexia Section” a “Decodable Book Section.” She explained to the library that phonics-based books help all kids learn to read, and phonics-based books are essential for kids with reading issues like dyslexia. The library took Faith’s recommendation to heart and made the change. 

Now all kids who go to that library will have access to resources that promote good reading habits, and they will learn to read by applying the rules that they have learned instead of guessing or predicting. This kind of advocacy and awareness-raising is the bedrock on which The Road to Decode is laid, but there is much more that we can do.

About The Road to Decode

As part of our mission to help all kids learn to read, Teach My Kid to Read works with one library at a time to create awareness of learning differences like dyslexia so librarians and parents can help all kids learn to read. Teach My Kid to Read helps the libraries set up decodable book displays and through collaborations with decodable book publishers, obtains samples and incentives to make it easier for libraries to offer decodable books to the community.

In 2019, Teach My Kid to Read partnered with nearly 50 libraries throughout New York State to offer decodable book displays, educational literature about dyslexia and structured reading, and free access to a one-hour online course on dyslexia provided through a collaboration with Glean Education. Through collaborations with the publishers, we offer incentives such as discounts and free decodable book samples so that libraries can join this effort without straining their budgets.

Where The Road to Decode leads—additional programming

  1. Greater geographical reach
  2. More services and programs
  3. Additional audiences such as early childhood education professionals and education majors
  4. Partnerships and collaborations