Teach My Kid to Read is a new nonprofit with a mission to provide teachers and parents with the tools they need to help kids with dyslexia and without, learn to read. In our first year as a legal non-profit, we have published blog posts that have garnered national attention and taken a leadership role in advocating for better educational policy for kids with dyslexia in the state of New York. For the fall, we are launching a program to partner with libraries, bookstores and community partners to demonstrate how creating awareness of dyslexia can help people in the community teach more kids to read, and influence educational policy.

Teach My Kid to Read is more than a mission. We are on a mission! In the US, thirteen percent of children are in special education, and eighty percent of those children have a language disability like dyslexia. Most children with dyslexia never catch up to their peers. According to The Department of Justice, children who are not proficient in reading by fourth grade are more likely to end up on public assistance, in prison, and face a high risk for mental health issues.

With early identification and the right instruction and interventions, all children can learn to read. Unfortunately, inconsistent state policies and lack of teacher training about the science of reading prevent children who might otherwise learn to read slip through the crack.  It’s time for new solutions, and that’s why Teach My Kid to Read needs your support.

Our fall program, The Road to Decode, has an initial goal to reach 50 libraries, bookstores or community centers in New York by October. Before our official launch, we are already in contact with other states seeking to emulate the program, and the libraries that are signing up are already asking for additional programming.

As a new nonprofit, we are so determined to make a difference by demonstrating that community awareness can influence educational policy. Based on the initial reaction of The Road to Decode, we know that we can!  The Road to Decode is a small but essential step, and we know that we can so much more. For this reason, we are asking your support to help grow our organizational capacity and support our current and future programming by making a contribution to Teach My Kid to Read.

Teach My Kid to Read is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that depends on donations from people who support
our work and mission. Please donate whatever you can. It’s tax deductible.