Nancy Roberson

Nancy Roberson, President of the Board of Directors for Teach My Kid To Read (TMKTR), provides leadership to TMKTR as it transitions from a newly formed 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization into a sustainable global entity.  Teach My Kid To Read (TMKTR) supports teachers so that they can teach kids with reading issues like dyslexia how to read.  TMKTR is focused on initiatives that promote science-based approaches to reading and address gaps where proper training is lacking. Nancy has had a life-long passion for education as her first job out of college was a junior high school teacher.  She believes “reading” is at the foundation of all life-long learning, and that reading should be taught so that all children learn to read.  Nancy is an engaged, energetic leader focused on TMKTR’s mission and its overall management. Read more

Nancy, an accomplished executive, has spent most of her career in the educational publishing and lifelong learning sectors where she has served in key leadership and executive roles at major companies including President & Publisher of AMACOM (the non-fiction business/leadership publishing division of the American Management Association), Executive Vice President for Career & Professional Division of Cengage Learning, Oxford University Press, Williams & Wilkins (Wolters-Kluwer), Scott/Foresman (Pearson), and Mosby (Elsevier).  She is recognized for success in strategic planning, new product acquisition and development (for both print and digital), operational management, new business development, establishing strategic partnerships/alliances and accomplishing overall company financial goals.

Nancy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arkansas and a Masters degree in Education from the University of Tulsa.