What My Daughter’s Dyslexia Taught Me About My Husband

  Our backstory: Fifty years ago, my husband was labeled as stupid or unintelligent. It was easier for him to become a class clown. Only one high school English teacher recognized his struggles and intelligence and encouraged him. Twenty years ago, our daughter with dyslexia was labeled lazy by one of her teachers; the school didn’t recognize dyslexia as a “real disability” until we fought

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Why the Alphabet Is So Much More Than A, B, C

  It’s Dyslexia Awareness Month and the perfect time to consider why the alphabet is so much more than A, B, C. Each October, Dyslexia Awareness Month generates awareness about the 1 in 5 people who have difficulty decoding words because of a challenge at the most basic level in connecting sounds to letters and then mapping those words to print. Learning to read is

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Will New York’s Guidance Memo on Students with Disabilities Resulting from Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia Change Anything?

New York is making progress towards better dyslexia awareness, and the acknowledgment of science-based approaches to reading. That’s the good news! As a parent, though, what I want to know is will the guidance memo change anything. Will more teachers get trained? Will we get more effective services? In August 2018, the Deputy Commissioner of The State Education Department sent out a guidance memo on

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What Are You Going To Do About School Next Year?

Each summer, families like ours, with kids with reading and learning issues, have endless debates about our school options for the following academic year. “What are you going to do about school next year?” “We’re in due process. Maybe our district will pay for a specialized school.” “We were moved to another school in the district. We’re hoping that the new school will work out.”

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It Will Get Better for Kids with Reading Issues Like Dyslexia

“It will get better. Your daughter will be OK,” said a friend whose daughter with a reading issue recently started college. Many times, throughout the years, parents of an older child with a reading issue like dyslexia would assure us that their kid was doing fine; enjoying college, succeeding in a job, starting a family. Well-meaning friends and families would point out the latest celebrity

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