The 1st Annual 5K for Community Literacy Solutions

Literacy affects everything, and way too many of our children are not learning to read. Reading issues like dyslexia are estimated to affect one-in-five, yet two-thirds of fourth-graders are not reading proficiently. The reasons are many, including teacher training, and lack of consistent policies to consistently screen for reading issues when children are young.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Through advocacy and programming, we can help more children learn to read! For Dyslexia Awareness Month 2020, Teach My Kid to Read, and The Dyslexia Initiative teamed up to initiate a virtual 5K to create awareness of reading issues like dyslexia, and to highlight solutions that help all children learn to read.

How the Event Works

Go to our bonfire page to order your shirt and you’re in! Make sure you follow the directions in the campaign and sign up to be on our mailing list so we can stay in touch!  Join our Facebook group to post photos, tell stories, and to meet other families and individuals dedicated to helping more of our children learn to read. We encourage you to walk, run, bike, or complete the 5K distance in October. If you would like, report your time on FB or send us a private message. Unlike other virtual events, we do not require registration. Our focus is on collaborating, and supporting each other however we need to move forward. Our quest for more literacy solutions for our children is very much like a marathon rather then a sprint.

Fun & Support

We encourage you to connect with other families in your area safely. On various Saturdays, we will offer opportunities to wear your shirt and walk or run with other families at multiple locations, to connect and demonstrate awareness. Watch for additional announcements all month long.

The fact is, our kids are not learning to read, and our kids with reading issues like dyslexia pay the steepest price. It’s time to let everyone know that literacy affects everything, and we will not rest until all children learn to read.

Faith Borkowsky Kicks off the Race & Educates the World About Literacy!