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Education is power!

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Learn about ways to help all kids learn to read!

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Listen to an interview with a parent of a child that went from a struggling/striving reader to a child reading above grade average. What happened? Systematic, explicit reading instruction. It works. Here are the stories!

Capital Region Literacy Panel

Why are so many children struggling to read? Why is it so hard to find teachers or tutors to help when our children in upper grades are not reading at the same level as their peers? Join us for a panel presentation about ways we can help more children learn to read. We will present information about the role of school boards in literacy education, and how they can effect change. A local author will talk about her experiences as someone who has dyslexia, has a child who has dyslexia and wrote about her experiences in a book.  We will conclude with a presentation about community literacy solutions that help librarians empower parents and caregivers with information to help emergent and struggling readers.

Faith Borkowsky & Brenda Larson!

Join us on December 15th at 12 EST on FB Live to hear how these two educators created programs and publications to help more families and children learn to read.