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You’re Amazing! Here’s How to Honor A Kid with a Reading Difference

Who’s Got Talent?

Let’s give a kid who has a reading difference some recognition! Last year our daughter surprised us by announcing that she wanted to sign up for the school talent show-Who’s got Talent! She has always been a fantastic dancer, and since so much of her free-time was consumed with learning to read, she is entirely self-taught. This sudden announcement thrilled and terrified us. For any kid to put themselves out there, it takes courage, and we know that our daughter is brave, but this was uncharted territory.

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You’re Amazing!


Each time we asked her if we could see what she had choreographed it was somewhat to entirely different. We were hopeful, but naturally worried. Would she know what to do when she got up on stage? Would she change her mind and back out at the last minute?

The Performance

As most school talent shows go, the performances leading up to her moment of fame were endearing. Then, Act 6 was announced, and our fifth- grade daughter was on stage dancing and performing to “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers. A keyword here is “performing” as it was beyond a dance. Matter of fact, it wasn’t even what she is halfway capable of doing as a dancer, but it was a riveting and original creative performance. In my biased opinion, it also raised the ante of the talent that was forthcoming.

That talent show was a moment I will remember for the rest of my life. I keep the “playbill” of the show next to my desk. While our daughter has lots of talents, this was amazing as she got up all alone and performed an original act that she created. And it was good! It had been a tough year and I was so thankful she had that moment.

You’re Amazing!

As one of our new content initiatives we are starting a program called “You’re Amazing.” “You’re Amazing” acknowledges the feats of our kids with reading differences who struggle so hard, and often do not get the recognition that more typical learners are accustomed to. Examples may include reading their first book or designing an original LEGO creation. Whatever it is that they have done that makes them amazing. For our daughter, getting up in front of an audience and performing a dance was amazing.


The way that “You’re Amazing!” works is that you go to and scroll under “Projects” and click on “You’re Amazing.” As a teacher, parent, grandparent or willing adult, you complete the submission form and let us know why you are nominating a child to be recognized. A write-up will be featured on the website. You can also indicate whether you want the write-up shared on Facebook or social media. The child will be emailed a certificate of Honor for their achievement.

It’s the little things that make all of the difference. I mentioned in a previous post that our daughter’s tutor told her she was smart every day. Let’s honor our kids with reading differences. Who do you know that deserves to be recognized for something that they are proud of?  Our kids are amazing. Let’s tell them!



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  1. This is a wonderful, inspiring post, thanks Marion. It will remind many of us to give positive feedback to our children who struggle with different kinds of challenges. Our kids are alll talented in different ways. Congratulations to your beautiful Isabella on her performance. Wish I had seen it!

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